How AI and Data Analytics helping in a pandemic – Covid19

In this pandemic situation entire world rapidly expanding artificial intelligence and data analytics implementation in healthcare industries, helping to set up the milestone for the future of the technologies. In general, any global pandemic like COVID19 creates huge amounts of data, from this data, data scientists can bring us some information and that information helps us to guide the response and find treatments.

For non-professional individuals, the data from pandemics can be difficult to understand because there is a big gap between an outbreak occurring and obvious effects in the area – especially at scale.

Nowadays, numerous projects are initiated utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics to fight against the pandemic. They can perform a role over the entire lifecycle of the revolution: from forecastexposure, and response, all the way to recovery.

In mid of December 2019, Canadian based startup called BlueDot identified the mysterious pneumonia strain in Wuhan, China. The AI and Data Analytics system help in accessing 1M+ articles in 65 languages to discover a connection to the 2003 SARS outbreak. Nine days later World Health Organization(WHO) issued warnings of an outbreak of a different type of influenza-like disease at the corresponding location and later this pandemic identified as COVID19.

The data is a big challenge at scale while developing any healthcare solutions and there where AI can play a crucial role. AI has already been used to diagnose the COVID19 through image processing, reducing the diagnosis time from CT scan results from about 5 minutes to 20 seconds. By automation, AI can not only help cope with the rising diagnostics workloads but also free up important resources to concentrate on approaching patients.

Also, AI with the help of ML can be used to expedite the pharmaceutical formulation. Until now, only one AI evolved medication has entered human clinical trials. Although, that solitary achievement is remarkably convincing as the technology was able to facilitate a process that typically takes years. It is possible now that medical researchers can take the help of AI in drug development which enables them to reduce timelines to mere months or weeks.

As the globe strengthens itself from the impact of the COVID19 outbreak, it is necessary to recognize that technology is nothing but the collective innovation by humankind over time, furthermore, in technology; we have the essential mechanisms to accommodate us, sustain and defend us. We do not know what lies in store for us in the future, but we will defeat it together with the best technology implemented perfectly, we have the potential to hold and reduce the impact of the pandemic today and in the future.

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